Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DIY or DIE at Urban Outfitters!

For all of you who have ever complained that you can't follow my (probably inarticulate) DIYs, now is your chance to get a hands on demonstration at the Broadway and Houston Urban Outfitters in NYC. On Sunday, July 12th, we will be hosting a DIY workshop with several of our other favorite bloggers: Nikki from Dirty Flaws, Jeralyn of Ill Wear Any Color As Long As Its Black, Pam from Langoliers and Pamalamala, and Sarah A. of Badlooking. Each of us will be conducting our own DIY tutorials, and additionally, Christina and I will be DJing! The event will begin at 2pm and end at 5pm but there will be refreshments and socializing both before and after where attendants will have the option to ask questions and see demonstrations up close, as well as meet and mingle with one another and bloggers, alike. Here are the details if you would like to attend:

There will be 60 RSVP spots available, which secures those on the list a seat at one of the limited table spots as well as a Gift Bag that will have DIY materials as well as magazines and the How To Handbook that Urban has created specifically out of our written tutorials. Because these spots are so limited, each of us involved is going to be holding a contest on our own personal blogs. This is what it entails:

By July 5th, we will have our winners picked - the lucky ten, two from each blog, that will have secure front row seats to the NYC DIY Event of the Summer! All five of our blogs will be hosting this contest and we cannot wait to see who gets to join us on July 12th!


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Fashion Rocks Stockholm

September performing in one of Ann-Sofie Back's dream catcher dresses---so sick!!! Photo by
Thomas Piktozis.

As some of you might now, it's currently Fashion Week in Stockholm. I had the misfortune of planning poorly, and scheduling my flight back to New York the morning that it started, meaning that I missed the Odeur show that my friend Gorjan worked so hard on. Still, I did get a chance to stop by Fashion Rocks Stockholm last Thursday at Berns, which featured eight runway shows of the AW 2009 collections, paired with eight performances by accompanying bands. Although I had seen most of my favorite collections online already, it was awesome to see them in person. Ida Sjostedt's sequined covered collection was paired with pop-punk band Revl9n, and Ivana Helsinki's show was accompanied by the incredibly catchy singer songwriter Veronica Maggio. One of the highlights was getting to see the Carrie-inspired Ann-Sofie Back show, which was perfectly paired with Swedish pop-star September, who was dressed in full on zombie attire, with a group of models doing Thriller-styled dance moves in the background.

We were lucky enough to be put on the guestlist by our friend Linus, who works for menswear line Nikolaj d'Etoiles, and who organized their presentation for the event. We also ran into Susanne from W29 Showroom, who was their to support Dagmar. I walked away with an awesome goodybag gift---a Lady Gaga style headband, which I will have to photograph later. Of course, this was the one day that I forgot my camera, but I managed to scrounge up these pictures from the night.

Another picture of September. Photo by Tomas Piktozis.

The Ida Sjostedt show. Photo by Linn.

A psychedelic faux-fur coat from Ida Sjostedt. Photo by Thomas Piktozis.

Veronica Maggio performing in IVANAhelsinki. Photo by Tomas Piktozis.

Lydia Hearst hosted, and finished the night in her lingerie. Photo by Tomas Piktozis.


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sailor In Love With The Sea

A picture Tobias took of Aapo wearing my Six Six Sick sailor hat, which I brought along for the occasion

I finally got back from Stockholm this morning, and am just starting to catch up with emails, blogging, comments, etc. It was a wonderful to be out of touch with the world, with barely any internet access and absolutely no cell phone for two weeks, but it's also feels pretty good to get back to New York (the first thing we did after we got of the plane was go out for a bowl of ramen at Momofuku).

Anyway, Jimmy and I spent the first half our vacation on a sailboat trip out to our friend Linus's country house in Gränsö, where we celebrated Midsommer. While Gabi and I got to sail in Gustav's luxurious family boat, our Swedish husbands and self-professed "adventurers," Tobias and Jimmy, had to tough out the rather rough waters in Oskar's little boat, Sylvia. While the first day of sailing was lovely, the second day we hit rather inclement weather, leaving Gabi and I both a little sea sick. I can't tell you how relieved we were when we reached Linus's house, where I got to experience my first Midsommer in Sweden. Here's a few pictures, look out for my 66Sick sailing hat which everyone got to wear at some point during the trip!

Breakfast on the boat with Gabi and Gustav, involving lots of Knäckebröd and Kalle's caviar

The port at Nynäshamn, where we set sail from, and where Jimmy's grandparents live

We bought smoked fish at the Rokeri for dinner

Emil, steering our boat. All the rest of the boys were wearing full on winter jackets and ski gear, while I was fully unprepared for the windy, rainy weather.

Tobias took this picture of Jimmy, Andreas and Aapo on Oskar's boat, with Aapo looking very much like a cat burglar

On Midsommer day, we picked wildflowers and made traditional wreath garlands

Gabi and I wearing our creations

Linus, Tobias, and all the other "young, strong men" lifting up the maypole

Tobias took this picture of me wearing Aapo's oversized Daniel Pallilo t-shirt with my 66Sick shredded thermal and Chanel sunglasses

Midsommer dinner!

Aapo and Gabi and I finished the night by chugging this Magnum of sparkling Rose and drunkenly forming a secret society


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Friday, June 26, 2009

House Of The Mouse

No trip to Florida would be complete without visiting The Magic Kingdom. I Love Disney!!!

This is our Lion King look from when we threw Jonny Makeup a Disney princess themed Birthday party! We made safari print skirts with sequined "tops" with our favorite characters tacked to them.

Here is our Mouseketeer look! My Favorite look of all time! Justin and I look like we are having a terrible time! haha


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I suppose it would be the logical next step for one of my favorite furniture designers, Tord Boontje, to make a foray into jewelry. Most of his designs involve lush landscapes of whimsical animal and plants laser cut into soft sheet metal and plastic, and shaped into garlands for lamp shades and curtains. Now, Boontje has taken those tinsely little designs apart, and made them into perfect little charms plated in gold, and sold in sets of three. I personally think they look best when you wear the entire collection at once, so that it forms a fairytale forest scape around your neck!


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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Happened to Helena Horstedt?

Since I´ve been in Stockholm, I've been checking in on all my favorite Swedish designers, and seeing what they've been up to. Helena Horstedt is one of the most talented young designers to arrive in the last few years, with a structural, almost origami-style approach to construction that looks like the leather and woven counterpart to Sandra Backlund's knits. Upon looking at her website though, I realized that she hadn't shown anything for the past two seasons, and was curious to inquire what was going on. Rumor has it (from my reliable Swedish fashion insider source) that Horstedt originally intended to take a season off to give birth to her child, which is normal if you pregnant designers. Unfortunately, it seems that she still hasn't returned, and probably has no intention to do so in the near future. Horstedt, who produced everything from her apartment on a made-to-order basis, never really designed her clothes with a mass market in mind, so her disappearance has added to her elusiveness. Here's hoping that she makes it back sometime soon.


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Friday, June 19, 2009

Darker Days

Here is an old editorial from the New York Times Style Magazine, Fall 2006. This spread has graced many Six Six Sick mood boards for the amazing jewelry and hunks, and inspired our entire circle of friends summer 06 wardrobe!

Old shots of youthful days!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Modern Master

Last week James received a an email from one of his long lost relatives with a link to her neighbors art work. The subject said something like "there are cool artists out here too". To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised! The link was to the work of Andy Paiko, and I unknowingly, was already a fan of his work. I had seen it years before in Barney's "Gothic Splendor" window installation, which was also used in Home and Gardens Halloween issue. The installation was designed by Douglas Little, and the absinthe fountain was a collaboration piece he did with Andy Paiko.

Barneys Gothic Splendor window

Absinthe fountain from Home and Garden

Bell Jars
Spinning wheel


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Monday, June 15, 2009


Aapo and Gabi---in 48 hours I will be on a boat with these freaks!

Tonight Jimmy and I are taking an eight hour flight to someplace cold and random: Stockholm. We haven't been back in over a year and a half since we were waiting on Jimmy's greencard, and can't wait to see friends and family again, even if it's supposed to be 45 F at night, and rainy all week long. Almost as soon as we get there, we will be taking a two day boat trip out to our friend Linus's country house in the archipelago to celebrate Midsummer with all of our friends. Best of all, I will be on a boat with two of my closest friends, Aapo and Gabi, who I miss dearly, now that they are permanently based in Scandinavia. Anyway, this means that I won't be updating very much for the next two weeks, since I will have very limited computer access and all. Christina will also be going on vacation (it's officially 66S holiday), so she probably won't be around too much either. We will try to check in, but I promise there will be ton of pictures when I get back!


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love Is In The Air

The groom and the bride, Anton and Maddy, having their first dance

Yesterday night, we celebrated the wedding of one of my best friends, Anton, to his lovely wife Madeleine. Maddy is an unbelievably talented designer, and used to design both women's and men's wear for Opening Ceremony, and now works as a knitwear designer for Betsey Johnson. They both looked stunning in their custom suit and wedding dress made for them by their friend Mary Ping, who designs a line under her own name, as well as Slow and Steady Wins the Race. The reception was beautiful, and I nearly cried when Maddy and Anton had their first dance---I was almost as happy as I was at my own wedding to Jimmy last year! It was also so incredible to have so many of my favorite people in one place, including a lot of friends who came in from Sweden who I rarely get to see. And while the bride and groom went home afterwards, the rest of us went out for an afterparty at our night at TriBeCa Grand. Nicollette and I wish we could do this at least once a month---maybe we can celebrate the anniversary next?

Nicollette and I. I wore my Stella McCartney dress and my Topshop headband.

Anton's little brother, Pontus

Dom and Christina

Anton's sister, Linnea

Maddy, in her stunning Mary Ping dress and Stella McCartney heels

Ms. Ginny Branch, who also just got married!

Aisling and Olov are back from Sweden for the next three months!

Mary Ping, who designed the attire for both Anton and Maddy, and Peter

Olov and Jimmy

Waseem and Dom

Raina and Jonas


David and Aisling


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