Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up The Ante

With the premier of Doo Ri's lower end line Under Ligne two seasons ago, I have noticed that it has affected her collection in a great way. The lower line has made her elevate her collection adding more hand work like beading, chains, ruffles etc. Every season I work on the the Doo Ri show, and it is great to see the line evolve up close, especially because photos don't do justice to all of the small details. I will try too fill you in on the pics.

Also, make note of the amazing makeup, the girls look kind of washed out with dark eyebrows and blue lips, think hypothermia.

This dress is ruched down the front and back with sequined panels.

This sheer dress is worn with a nude lace printed body suit underneath

Brass chain dress and brass chain shoes

Chain fringe top

Under Ligne is full of easy knit pieces, which I love to build looks off of. Basic black drapey jersey dresses last me years! The prices range from about $150- $500. Of course, I want the leather and knit paneled leggings! ($495 the most expensive piece)

I love the scripted print of this top. Doo Ri made the print into curtains for their studio.


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hidden Talent

Claudia's secret life as a fashion photographer is finally exposed! We have been partying with Claudia for years, but she has never mentioned her photography to me, so it was great to finally see her work and realize that she is even more amazing than I thought!


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Monday, September 28, 2009

Nomia Spring 2010

On the final day of Fashion Week, I stopped by Envoy Gallery to take a look at the Nomia Spring Collection, designed by Yara Flinn. The collection, which consisted of eight looks, might have been small, but was made up of the kind of dresses and separates that you could wear every day. Flinn takes classic silhouettes, and adds in details like cut outs and mesh panels to make them special. Since I've been wasting so much time lately staring into my closet and getting confused by the jumble inside, Nomia looks like it has an answer to my problems. It's the kind of dressing that I like the best---items of clothing that don't require much styling, and can be thrown on with little else added to make a great outfit.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I've Only Got Eyes For You!: DIY Painted Dress

We wore our Eyeball dresses with our Triskaidekaphobia scribble necklaces. Photo by Idee Geniale

I know that we haven't posted a DIY in a long time (shame on us), but we've been so busy working on our jewelry line that we haven't had much spare time to make outfits, even though we've had plenty of ideas floating around in our heads. Still, we decided to make a dress for the Chictopia party we did for Fashion Week, which basically consists of a bunch of super realistic looking creepy eyeballs peering out of the dress fabric. Christina's been wanting to make this one for a while, so she took the lead. The best part is that we managed to use fabrics and supplies that both of us had lying around the house, and didn't spend a penny making this outfit. Here's how we did it.

1. We started by painting the eyeballs onto panels of nude jersey, which took a really long time, since it was a multi-step process that required the paint to dry in between. Christina looked up images of irises online, and then we started by painting a white base with a dark gray iris in the center, covered with lightly brushed on white lines radiating outward.

2. After that dried, we went over the eyeball white with a gray wash, and painted more lines on the iris in dark gray at the center. Then we used black paint to highlight the edge of the iris and paint in the pupil. We finished by adding in some highlights with white paint on the iris and the eye white.

3. Christina then cut out the pattern for the dress, which was basically a giant square with one of the corners snipped out to become a one-shouldered asymmetrical dress with a long flowing sleeve on one side.

4. After deciding where the eyeballs would be placed, Christina cut holes in the fabric and sewed in the painted panels.

Here's a close up of me wearing the end result! Photo by Yvan Rodic.


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Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Bijules

An editorial showpiece---Armor shoulder pads dripping with swags of chain. I can't wait to see the photoshoots that this is bound to appear in!

We might love Jules Kim cause she's a girl after our own heart. A jewelry designer by day, Jules hosts the occasional party here and there, and also DJs (I think we should form a designer/DJ union with the Posso girls). Her line, Bijules, never ceases to amaze me, and season after season Jules creates some of the most complexly beautiful pieces that stretches the traditional boundaries of jewelry. Pave faux fingernail rings? Of course! Swinging locks of brightly dyed hair as earrings? Why not? Detachable vermeil elfin ear tips? Naturally. I'm constantly wowed by her brilliant inventions, and this season is no different. The new collection has a distinctly tribal influence, with most of the pieces constructed out of tiny bones. Jules even made a bone-shaped faux-septum ring, which can be worn if you don't have a nose piercing! My favorite piece this season is the tiny gold bird skull shaped fingernail, which she set with black diamonds. Who knew fine jewelry could be so fun?

Jules modeling the wrap around bone ring and the bird skull fingernail ring

A bone fringed bracelet, and more bird skull fingernail rings

A tribal headpiece, and a nose ring that actually is a clip on of sorts, and brilliantly can be worn even if you don't have a piercing

Jules has been making these hair earrings for a couple of seasons now, and this season she introduced a bunch of shocking new colors


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dream A Little Dream

An origami necklace echoes the folding patterns of the fabric trim on the clothing

I've been a fan of Daydream Nation's whimsical designs since spotting them on Susie's blog, so I was pretty excited to see the new collection and to meet Kay, the designer, in person at her booth at the Rendez-Vous tradeshow. The designers always have a very poetic source of inspiration, and for Spring 2010, they wanted to create a story about facing your fears and overcoming them. Titled "Girl by The Sea," the collection feels like it's meant to be worn at a musty beach house in Nantucket, yet it has an entirely modern spin. Jaunty bow-ties and pretty prints are paired with origami folded spikes of fabric, and your traditional strand of pearls is enhanced with colorful crochet, in true Daydream Nation style. I only wish that the line was stocked in more American stores, since they're currently difficult to find in New York. I've been longing to buy their envelope dress for a while, but it isn't stocked anywhere here, and apparently their only remaining in-house stock isn't in my size. Hopefully more people will pick up their line this season, and in the meantime, you can find some of their pieces at Pixie Market.

A cute starfish print is paired with a spikey trim

This absolutely tiny crochet miniskirt would look adorable as a peplum thrown over a skirt or a dress

The new jewelry, always a favorite of mine, uses their trademark crochet mixed in with pearls

This spikey skirt looks like some kind of cartoon sea creature

And of course the collection wouldn't be complete without some seriously spikey sleeves.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EVA Online

Another quick post, since I'm completely exhausted after working Coterie today, and all I can think about is getting into bed so I can wake up bright and early for free breakfast tomorrow (all the free food at the shows is making me fat). Anywya, Zana was kind enough to share this coupon for 15% off of the newly launched EVA webshop. In case you aren't already familiar with it, EVA is one of the best stores in Manhattan, stocking hard-to-find designers, including a bunch of our friends: Telfar, Rodebjer, Stine Goya, Lerario Beatriz, and Bijules. Now, those of you who live outside of New York can finally shop the store too, and for the next two weeks, you can even enjoy a discount when you enter the code "EVANY" when you check out. I think I might use it to pick up a pair of Henrik Vibskov tights to keep me warm this winter.


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Monday, September 21, 2009

E.M. Eternal

Spikey earrings, rings and necklaces from the new Spring collection

I spent yesterday and today working the Designers & Agents tradeshow with one of my favorite jewelry lines, E.M.. In spite of the grueling schedule, I actually really enjoy working most of the shows, since it gives me a good chance to preview a lot of the Spring collections in person. While most of the designers at D&A aren't my style (I noticed a bunch of booths showcasing what I can only describe as slutty hippy chic, like Britney Spears attempting boho), there were definitely a few standouts (which I will write about another time).

One more observation: did you know that they've actually started to manufacture pre-shredded fabric and making entire clothing lines out of it? While the garments don't bear the signature irregularities that most home-shredded tees do, I'm sure that once they're worn a couple of times they'll look identical to the originals. They were actually quite beautiful, but I have a feeling that if they're being mass produced, they're quickly on their way into "victim" territory, along with the many other trends that I have once loved, but which I now see in the window display at Strawberry.

Anyway, I'm heading over to work at Coterie tomorrow, but I thought I would share some pictures of E.M.'s Spring Collection, which features tons of spikes mixed with swags of chains. The designers never cease to impress me with their almost magical level of technical skill and attention to detail. I could go blind trying to figure out how they do exactly what they do.

These shoulder-dusting fringe earrings and spikey starbursts were a favorite amongst buyers

I loved the rings in the center, which featured piles of cubic zirconia stones stacked on top of each other

A draping fringe necklace, and a fringed two-finger ring!

Some pieces from the MEHEM collection, which has plenty of stacking rings


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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fringe Benefits

Christopher Kane x Topshop Croc dress, DIY Rodarte leggings, Rachel Comey boots, Triskaidekaphobia scribble necklace, restraint bracelet and ring

On Friday night, we went down to Allegra's gallery, LaViola Bank, to celebrate the release of Henrik Vibskov's new book with Andreas Emenius, The Fringe Projects. The book documents and serves as a catalog of the series of art installations, performances, and photographs that the pair have collaborated on over the past couple of years. Andreas is a good friend of Michael, one of the co-owners of the space, and the gallery temporarily put up several of the stunning photographs from the project on display. Allegra seemed a tad bit overwhelmed by the Danish fashion mob that descended, but after the chaos of Fashion Week, it seemed like a perfectly cozy and intimate gathering to me. I also used it as an opportunity to wear the Christopher Kane x Topshop dress that I ran to pick up as soon as it hit the floor.

Henrik Vibskov, on the right, and the crowd in the back yard of LaViola Bank

One of the self-portraits of Vibskov and Emenius from The Fringe Projects that was on display

Dom and Carlo, wearing CDG and Margiela respectively

Jimmy and his drinking companions for the evening


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rebecca Turbow Spring 2010

The lovely Rachel Ballinger modeling a petaled skirt

Fashion Week may be officially over, but Market Week is in full gear, and I started with two appointments this morning for my own line, and will be working Designers & Agents and Coterie all week. It was therefore nice to end the first part of Hell Month, with Rebecca Turbow's sweet Spring presentation. The show felt like a family affair, with some of favorite friends lending a helping hand to put it together: Ian Bradley styled, Rachel Ballinger modeled, Nicky Digital took photos, and Andrew Andrew DJ'd the afterparty. The downtown darling sent out her usual super-cute, wearable clothes with a twist, and this season was filled will scalloped edges and petal details--I personally need to get my hands on the scalloped edged dress. Rebecca also wins the best accessory of the week award: a high-fashion spin on the Ring Pop created by confectionery artisans Papa Bubble (note to self, make next jewelry collection edible).

A detail shot of the skirt

This is one of my favorite dresses in the collection,

The edible Papa Bubble rings--The model had already started nibbling away at it.

I also loved this high-waisted skirt, that looks like it's made of giant tulip petals


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