Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Rodarte x Target dress, Vintage sweater, YSL Tribute boots, Devaki hat, and Triskaidekaphobia jewelry

Jimmy and I spent the entire day lounging around and wasting time between our brunch at Little Giant and our dinner at Hiraku's workplace, Menkui Tei. I finally got the Rodarte x Target lace leopard-print dress that I've wanted for so long off of eBay for the same price as it was in stores, and I love it, even though the fit is a little wonky--super tight in the chest area, and super loose at the hips, leaving me a little pear-shaped. I've been wearing it almost everyday since I got in the mail at the beginning of the week. I also stopped by Topshop to see if the Mary Katrantzou collection had dropped, but strangely it hadn't hit the store yet, even though it's already up online. Whatever. I managed to score one of her perfume bottle dresses at the Barney's Warehouse sale on Friday for only a fraction more than what her Topshop collection costs, so I'm happy (pictures to come soon).


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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Helsinki Hot Nights

My dear friend Aapo is interning for Daniel Palillo in Finland right now, and sent over these images from Daniel's new lookbook. I emailed him back to ask what the inspiration for he collection was this time, and unfortunately he doesn't seem to have a clue, so your guess is as good as mine. The collection is typical Palillo fare: super-oversized tees adorned with giant graphics, decisively placed holes (this time, lined with tubular rims), and plenty of tent shaped silhouettes that balloon out from the body. Dubbed "Helsinki All Night," I can only imagine that it's partially an ode to all of Finland's wildly dressed club kids and fashion set. Miss you Aapo, now can you please send me one of those holey-sweatshirt jacket things?


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

That Heat

My favorite look from Rosa Cha by Alexandre Herchcovitch, a tie-dye and lace paneled scuba-dress. All photos by Alexandre Schneider/UOL

When I heard that Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch was taking over as the head designer of swimwear company Rosa Cha, I was intrigued, but somewhat dubious about the appropriateness of the pairing. Known for his rapturous use of colors and clashing prints to create avant-garde designs with a decidedly Southern Hemisphere spin, Herchcovitch seems a little bit off-kilter for a company best known for flashy beach clothes that are meant to show off flesh rather than fabric cuts and combinations.

My entire view was turned upside down when I stopped by Fiftytwo Showroom and took a peek at the new collections. Fiftytwo now represents Herchcovitch's eponymous collection as well as Rosa Cha, and while it was definitely strong, I have to say I was surprisingly more impressed with his work for Rosa Cha. Herchcovitch took all the elements of his dynamic designs, and transposed them on the decidedly oomph-oriented swimwear line to create a collection that is utterly unique, while delivering that signature Brazilian sex appeal. I loved the cheeky bathing suits that looked like lingerie, as well as a group of lace and tie-dye printed scuba-suits and dresses. They're so perfect for the surf-trend, and I don't think any designer has ever made me want to wear a swimming cap so badly. I have to say, of all the pieces I've seen in person so far this season, the one I want the most is the dress pictured above, and if it's not too prohibitively expensive, I just might have to place a personal. I'm already picturing myself this summer wearing this to Rockaway Beach while listening to The Drums and Passion Pit on repeat...


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Down The Rabbit Hole

Dresses adorned with giant lips, a sequined skirt that also has a pair of giant lips on the back, and a super-trippy polka-dot dress

While I always take a look at the other exhibitors at D&A, I have to say I'm rarely impressed by the tepid boho threads that dominate the show. Boho is one of those trends that will never die, probably because, as my former boss pointed out, "people just like to dress that way." I guess it isn't a terrible tragedy, since it means I'm rarely spending my hard earned cash on frivolous personal orders at the show. Still, as Andre Leon Talley would say, there's a famine of beauty, and whenever I do find a designer I like mysteriously represented amongst the dross, I find myself mesmerized.

Turkish-based designer Asli Filinta is one such example. Asli's designs are always cheeky and whimsical, and her Fall 2010 collection took a decidedly Dada and Surrealist spin. Man Ray style ruby-red lips were placed on the backside of waistbands and on the front of dresses, tops had multiple sets of sleeves, and one dress's bottom mirrored its own top with an upside-down collar and set of sleeves. There were also plenty of Filinta's signature playful touches: bold polka-dots, plenty of pom-poms, and a cute/menacing bunny rabbit made plenty of appearances. I spent a fair amount of time poking around the collection, and I was hoping to leave with a bunny, but alas, someone else got to it before me! Still, you can find her current collection (and the bunny) at my favorite online retailer, The Moon and Mars.


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The September Issue Discussion and Signing at Barnes & Nobles

Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour in The September Issue

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a phone interview with The September Issue director, R.J. Cutler. While I unfortunately didn't get to make the interview, I did receive a preview copy of the DVD, and viewed the film for the first absolutely delightful time. They just don't make enough films about the fashion industry, and when they do come out, you have to savor every moment. And it doesn't get much better than an inside peek at the offices of American Vogue. It's always refreshing to see a real portrayal of the fashion industry, which inevitably entails plenty of unglamorous work, petty bickering, warring egos, frazzled assistants, ridiculous fashion-speak, etcetera.

While Anna Wintour does deliver moments of the cruelty she is famous for (watching her jovially tell the film's cameraman that he needs to hit the gym while pointing to a photo of his puffy stomach is particularly wince-worthy), Cutler also manages to show Wintour in a relatively human light. Many of these moments are captured in the Bonus Feature material of the DVD, and there's a particular poignant clip of Wintour speaking at Isabella Blow's memorial service in London. Grace Coddington is particularly mesmerizing to watch, and Andre Leon Talley delivers plenty of quotable quotes and much-needed humor. Each editor is a fascinating character study in themselves, and it is a treat to watch the deleted footage that focuses on them (although the the boring boardroom meetings might be unnecessary).

The DVD is available today, and if you are in New York, Director R.J. Cutler, Grace Coddington, and Andre Leon Talley will be having a discussion and signing at the Union Square Barnes & Nobles this Thursday at 4pm. I know I will definitely try to make it.


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Monday, February 22, 2010

E.M. Everyday

Tiptoe, the children's line, featured frogs, rabbits and mushrooms perched on rings and encased in acrylic

Market Week is never something I really look forward to, since it usually means long work hours, and very little sleep. Still, for the past three seasons I've worked the Designers & Agents tradeshow with one of my favorite jewelry lines, E.M., which is always a pleasure, simply because I get an up-close look at the ingenious pieces they come up with. While the company has seven different lines, each one combines technical mastery with their signature sense of quirky (and totally Japanese) humor. Here's a sampling of the new pieces from each of the collections--once again, I'm sorry that the pictures are somewhat out of focus, my camera lens isn't meant for super-close up shots. Anyway, my personal favorites were the tiny enameled rabbits, mushrooms, and mice, perched precariously on rings and hidden on necklaces.

A necklace of 18k gold and black diamonds from E.M. noir, the men's jewelry line

18k gold and diamond rings and a black diamond bracelet from E.M. noir

A tiny mushroom perched on a giant pearl, from the Tiptoe line

Sterling silver rings and necklaces with tiny mice and mushrooms from E.M. eternal

Sterling silver and Cubic Zirconia rings from the E.M. eternal collection


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Doo.Ri Fall 2010

I'm exhausted from working all weekend at the D&A tradeshow, but I thought I would post some pictures of my favorite looks from the Doo.Ri show last week. Most of the pictures are pretty blurry, but Christina and Tony were working backstage, and got some good video footage, so I'll try to post that later.

Remember those highly-DIY'd sequined tights from Doo.Ri's Fall 09 collection? For this season, Doo-Ri Chung took all those sequins, stones, and crystals and used them to cover her perfectly-draped, body conscious silhouettes. The results were absolutely stunning--sparkly without being overly-ostentatious or tacky looking--and Christina and I both agreed that she gets better every season. I also fell in love with the glitter covered lips that M.A.C. created by layering tons of green and white glitter over red lipstick. I managed to snag a bit of the glitter backstage, and I'm definitely planning on trying it at home!


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

My BGF (Best Gay Forever), Brandon, is currently interning at Alejandro Ingelmo, so I stopped by last Friday to take a peek at the new collection, while gossiping and snarfing down Baked by Melissa cupcakes (none of the other food-phobic fashion-folk wanted anything to do with them). The collection was filled with sky-high booties with built-in platforms that will literally put your head in the clouds. In spite of the vertiginous heights, Brandon & Co. claim that the shoes are actually quite comfortable---some styles even have built in shock-absorbers etc. I'll have to try them to believe it. Maybe they will lend me a pair so I can give them a test-run myself? I'm personally dying to get my hands on the faux-pony fur booties that are partially covered in a waxy treatment, which gives them an oddly appealing smooth/furry texture. And who could resist the winterized version of Ingelmo's signature strappy-sandal, with all the straps in the same place, but encasing a suede round-toe boot? They look like they belong on the feet of Judy Jetson. Anyway, here is some good old fashioned shoe porn, enjoy!


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Katie Gallagher Fall 2010

Christina and I have both skipped the majority of shows we were invited to this week, partially because of all the work we need to do to get our own line in order, but also because of general laziness/inability to cope with nasty New York winter weather/indifference. For the good shows, you're likely to get a better view on anyway. Of course, there are a few exceptions, and I knew I couldn't miss Katie Gallagher's show, especially since several of my friends helped out (Ashley did a wonderful job with the hair). Once again, Katie delivered a spectacular collection, filled with multi-paneled tops, jackets and leggings, creating looks that were both femme and futuristic. I love the way she mixed incongruous fabrics and textures into sleek, streamlined pieces. The hair and makeup, styled after Katie herself, was also a highlight, featuring melted press-on nails--something I would definitely like to try at home!

Of course the presentation was jam-packed with people, so I couldn't get very many decent pictures, but I did run into a lot of friends, including Nikki, who was wearing a Gareth Pugh coat she got off of eBay for a steal! She gave me some awesome eBaying tips, after managing to score the the Pugh from a girl who apparently didn't know anything about the designer.

These paneled leggings were incredible up close, I wanted to steal them right off of the model

Loving the angular heels on these shoes

Melted acrylic fingernails + killer paneled leggings

Nikki wearing the Gareth Pugh jacket she found on eBay!


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Living Dolls

Hanging out with Andrew and the Lanvin bombshell doll, who's looking very much like Brigitte Bardot in Le Mepris

Yesterday evening, Jimmy and I stopped by Envoy Enterprises to celebrate the latest issue of Block Magazine, featuring our friend Andrew Yang's couture-clad Kouklitas. Only a year ago, we were celebrating the launch of Andrew's doll line with an intimate gathering of friends at a tiny Soho boutique, so it was a pleasant surprise to arrive to a completely packed gallery filled with strangers. I'm so happy for Andrew, who is now able to support himself off the dolls, and even has an extremely exciting upcoming project for next fashion week (I won't disclose it here, but it the biggest names in the industry are behind it). He'll be working nonstop for the next few months, and I've already promised to help out with doll jewelry and knits, in exchange for a doll of course.

My dear friend Gabriella Loeb was also in attendance after flying in from Sweden, where she's starting her clothing line, and was modeling one of her stunning new dresses. I've already written about her incredibly meticulous craftsmanship, and Andrew's favorite doll, Snejana (the original Kouklita prototype), was even wearing one of her dresses. It's so inspiring to be surrounded by such creative, talented friends, and whenever I have the inevitable case of shoe/bag/dress envy, which is particularly heightened by fashion week, I'm always reminded by those around me that the most special and unique things are the ones you make yourself.

Gabbi wearing a dress of her own design, made out of vintage fabric she found in Sweden, with a necklace and shoes from Chanel

My personal favorite, the Proenza Schouler doll. Andrew colored her Mongolian lambswool hair with magic marker to create that dip-dyed effect!

The pouty Rick Owens doll reminds us of Angelina Jolie

Andrew's personal favorite, the Ann Demeulemeester doll

Hanging out with Andrew's first doll, Snejana, who just had a facelift (she's had one too many kisses) and was wearing one of Gabbi's designs

Six Six Sick dress, H&M skirt, Lanvin boots, Coven belt, Urban Outfitters tights, tiara of my own design, Miu Miu bracelet, Iosselliani ring


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