Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shape Shifter

Heidi Lee's Coctail Parasol Hat

This weekend, I made an unexpected discovery: the 3D printing company Shapeways (EDIT: along with Openhouse Gallery, Ultimaker, Up!, Eventi Hotel, Fatboy, Make Magazine and Challenge Post) has launched a monthlong pop-up shop, 3DEA, at the Eventi Hotel, featuring plenty of 3D printers, examples of the products printed on their machines, and most excitingly, workshops and demonstrations on how to use the software and printers.  As 3D printers become less expensive, and make their way into the consumer market, 3D software programs such as Rhino become more commonplace alongside more user-friendly programs such as 123D Design.  In the very near future, we may be printing everything from doorknobs to high-heeled pumps at home, but between then and now, there's an exponential amount of new design possibilities being opened up by this technology.  For example, on my visit to the shop, I learned that there are industrial machines that are capable of 3D printing directly into metal, eliminating the casting process and the need for wax models, while simultaneously lifting many potential design limitations set by tricky molds.  I signed up for a free ring making class tomorrow, but hope to be able to make time for some of the paid classes coming up this month. Here's a small peek at some of the shape-making possibilities on display.

 Biomimicry Shoe by kspaho


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Monday, December 3, 2012

Arrojo Holiday Pop Up Shop

We're kicking off the holiday season with a Pop-Up Shop at our favorite New York Salon, ARROJO this coming Thursday!  We'll be selling Triskaidekaphobia and Arms and Armory alongside our friends Chris Habana and Elizabeth Knight , and there will be a DIY Nail Bar by Cirque Colors and a complimentary Braid Bar by ARROJO.  Stop by for discounted gems and drinks, and also for a first look at the nail polish and ring collaboration between Cirque and Arms and Armory (photos to come).
Hope to see you there!

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Monday, November 26, 2012


Aside from being the home of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, New Zealand doesn't garner a terrible amount of attention from the outside world.  Fashion wise, I would be hard pressed to name a single New Zealand designer off the top of my head, but it seems like their star is on the rise.  Kowtow, a Wellington based environmentally conscious label, is one example of local design. The draping, oversized, and outlandishly printed attire demonstrate how far eco-fashion has come since its early days oriented towards yoga-inspired lifestyle attire.  Nonetheless, the principles remain the same.  The company uses 100% fairtrade organic cotton, which ensures that the cotton farmers receive a fair and living wage, and that fabrics are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.  In a time when companies like Walmart force down clothing prices at the expense of fair and safe labor practices, inadvertently causing tragedies like the factory fire in Bangladesh, it is more important than ever to conscientiously consume.  Hopefully, one day all designers will move towards green and fairtrade practices, rather than having a select few wear the 'fairtrade organic' badge of distinction.  In the meantime though, you can enjoy the reasonably priced building block basics from Kowtow, while seeing exactly where they came from.


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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Need for Speed

Athletes never fail to inspire, and for Spring 2013, Daniella Kallmeyer cites cyclists and their t-shirts and tanks as a starting point for her sporty collection.  The aerodynamic elements of athletic wear and the stark black nylon and leather pieces are balanced by pops of feminine pastels, a gorgeous custom print, and the occasional puff of a pretty peplum.  This collection marks a new direction for Kallmeyer, who has always created minimalist, and somewhat stark, attire.  While these traits still remain, they have certainly benefited from the brightening touch, and the incredible sense of dynamism infused in the pieces.


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Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh Mandy

While many designers list music as a source of inspiration each season, few have made as literal an interpretation of the subject as designer Mandy Coon.  For, her Spring 2013 collection, Coon adorned her bold pieces with laser cut imprints of MIDI files, which are digitalized music files.  Of course Coon, who moonlights as a DJ, didn't use any generic MIDI file to generate her designs.  She partnered with Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow, who created a piece of music for her, which was then transmogrified into the unrecognizable imprint that adorns the leather dresses and metal waist cinchers deployed throughout the collection.  Beyond the brilliance of the concept, the collection itself was a wonder to behold.  In signature Coon style, the show was full of the edgy and sharp silhouettes which were tempered with a feminine flounce, as well as digital prints, the aforementioned lasercutting, and of course, a couple giant, scene-stealing bunny bags.

Even though these styles won't be in stores till next year, if you're itching to get ahold of a bunny bag, or another amazing previous season piece at 50-90% off, there will be a Mandy Coon Sample Sale this Thursday-Friday from 4-8 at MC Studio (93 St. Marks Place, 2nd Floor).


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Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome to the Stone Age

With the disaster that Sandy left in her wake there isn't much to get excited about over here.  Although I returned home on Saturday, Christina is still without power after her building was flooded, and our beloved Rockaway Beach has been all but washed away.  While we personally are very lucky to have gotten away relatively unscathed, many of our fellow friends and New Yorkers have not, so if you can, please contribute to the Occupy Sandy supply drive (also linked above), which is a great way to give directly to people on the ground.

In spite of the dismal air surrounding this week, an email from the team at Alder New York cheered me up with photos of their new jewelry collaboration with Robin Mollicone. The one-of-a-kind pieces are constructed from an eye-popping assemblage of neon leather, peyote stitched antique Italian silver beads from the 1800, braided and knotted cords, and semi-precious stones.  I was immediately drawn in by the colors, but my mind was blown by the wild mix of materials, and the labor intensive beadwork that Mollicone learned on a reservation in Upstate New York.  Originally inspired by the beaded and embellished clothes of hippies at a Grateful Dead concert, Mollicone's work still maintains an earthy sensibility and a sense of deference for the ancient craft of beading, but one which has evolved to suit a contemporary world.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storm Survivor

Olivia plaid blouse c/o Mary Meyer, X-Girl jacket, J.W. Anderson x Topshop kilt, Hunter boots

When I was ten, my best friend and I entered ourselves in the Point O'Woods costume contest as "Storm Survivors," donning torn cut-off shorts and holey tees, and rolling around in the sand as a reference to the local residents battling the particularly inclement weather on that area of Fire Island.  We won the contest, and now, as Halloween rolls around, I ironically find myself in the position of being one of many very real storm survivors.  While I hardly have it as bad as many others across the East Coast, I found myself leaving my powerless apartment with the clothes on back and a few other essentials.

Now that I am at my parents' place, I've found some old favorites from my teenage closet that seem to go perfectly well with the Mary Meyer plaid blouse that the designer kindly sent me, and which I wore when I left my house.  Mary was inspired by the 90's this season, including goth culture, wheat paste punk fliers, and the movie Clueless, creating the perfect skater dress named after the film's famously ditzy fashion-forward star, Cher.  I've been wearing the dolman sleeve crop top non-stop, and been using it to recreate the uniform of my grunge-filled youth: plaid shirt, kilt (I've upgraded from my school uniform to one from J.W. Anderson x Topshop), and an X-Girl faux fur lined jacket that was begging to be revived.

While Mary's nailed all the essentials, to complete the rest of your 90's wardrobe, check out her new shop with her BFF Emma Joe, Friends Vintage, which you can find online or at the Mary Meyer shop in Bushwick.  I'm personally considering ordering this Bergdorf Goodman black slit skirt, which is a steal for $58.  If you're in NYC, make sure to stop by for the launch party at 56 Bogart St. on Saturday, November 17th!


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Night at the Met

Mary Katrantzou dress, Alexander Wang shoes, YSL belt, Devaki hat

I've spent the past two days under lockdown because of Hurricane Sandy, with the exception of evacuating my apartment this afternoon after a nightlong black out hit all of Downtown Manhattan.  We've temporarily decamped to my parents' house, while we wait for power, water, and everything else to be restored, which might not be for another four days (!!!).  I hope everyone else is safe and dry.

Anyway, I'm trying to remain upbeat as my beloved hometown gets back on its feet.  Earlier this week, long before Sandy landed and we had any idea of what we were in for, I went to a viewing of the Regarding Warhol exhibition at the Met with Brandon.  The show, which focusses more on the influence of Warhol, than creating a survey of his work, features works from 60 artists, contextualized within the sprawl of pop cultural ideas and concepts that Warhol either introduced, embraced, or laid claim to.  Highlights included Warhol's famed Marilyn Monroe silkscreen, and Félix González-Torres's Portrait of Ross, a rainbow colored pile of candy that viewers were allowed to eat.  And of course, a room filled with silver pillow shaped balloons lifted from The Factory were irresistible to play with.

Coincidentally, that same evening, I also attended a preview of LOFT's spring collection, which featured plenty of colorful floral prints that reminded me a bit of Warhol's flowers.  Can't help but wonder if the designers were perhaps influenced by him too?

Warhol's Marilyn


Félix González-Torres's Portrait of Ross

Silver balloon room

Hans Haacke's Helmsboro County

Floral skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT Spring 2013

Floral pumps from LOFT

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