Saturday, April 27, 2013

Space Cakes

I have a full time job, working standard eight hour days, and even though my workplace has pretty a lax/non-existant dress code, I have mostly hung up my club kid clothes to rest.  I will break them out for nights out, or lazy weekends, or more exciting trips to the supermarket, but they are not as much of a part of my quotidian life as they used to be.  I just bought a pair of holographic silver shoes, but otherwise my recent purchases have veered towards the more adult (i.e. tamer and more practical) side.  Then, every once in a while, I will come across a fantastic young new designer like Emma Mulholland, who makes me want to dredge up my finest going-out attire, and party like I don't know the pain of a hangover (unfortunately they become far more acute in my old age).  Her designs are simply made to rave in.  Tecnhicolor, aliens, glitter and day-glo are all equally celebrated in their delightfully taboo tackiness, but I find myself particularly drawn to all the shimmery, crunchy, holographic surfaces.  Even though these kind of clothes are no longer business-as-usual for me, I wouldn't mind having one or two looks for my own party-in-the-go.


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